iBOTs and Luke Arm awarded November 10, 2017 at Skyball XV Veteran Day Weekend

Skyball Veterans Day 2017- Thank you again American Airlines.  The New iBOT was revealed (see pictures below) and several veterans were told that they were selected to receive the new iBots just as soon as FDA final approval, and Carrie Krischke, USA, Ret. received her own “Luke Arm”.  

Carrie with Dean Kamen

Carrie’s 8 year Army career abruptly ended because of an accident that left her an amputee.  Carrie was medically retired in November of 1995, leaving behind a Military career she greatly enjoyed.

But, ever the volunteer, and with a passion to continue to serve, especially the men and women of her former military family, and with no expectation of the events that unfolded this Veterans Day Weekend at Skyball XV, Carrie volunteered to be a test subject helping DEKA Research develop and refine the most advanced robotic human controlled prosthetic arm in history.  

The price tag of a Luke Arm starting at the shoulder, like the one we gave to Carrie  can be as high $180,000.00 + 

The cost of a Luke Arm arm replacement goes down some if the amputation was below the shoulder or below the elbow.


luke arm in use

luke arm in use chopping

Luke arm chopping tomato

luke arm chopping cucumber








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